I live & work in New York City -- Beyond music & piano playing I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, making cocktails, and occasionally writing articles (some of which are listed below). Memorable educational moments include jazz camp at Eastman School of Music back when I was a teenager, a degree in Comparative Literature (Ancient Greek, Latin, French) at Princeton, writing songs and performing with the Triangle Club at Princeton, and reading with the Revolutions Book club at the Brecht Forum (back when it still existed).

selected publications

"Albania's Prophet of the Surveillance State" -- a review of Ismael Kadare's novel Twilight of the Eastern Gods -- in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

"Boxing Combinations: Rocky on Broadway" -- an exploration of Rocky: the Musical and Rocky the film -- in the Brooklyn Rail.

"After the Flood" -- Margaret Atwood’s post-apocalyptic trilogy sees localized resistance to a dystopian future -- in Jacobin.

"Les Miserables and its Critics" -- an article that discusses the historical reception of Hugo's novel and its epigones -- in Jacobin.